Truly free people are not afraid of free speech.  This video was made Nov. 29, 2018.  Censorship on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have been going on a long time. Mike Adams of NaturalNews was dissapeared off Google searches, kicked off YouTube and removed from most platforms so he created Brighteon… a video hosting and sharing site that promotes free speech.  There are others.

The title of this video is “This Nonsense Will Not Stop Unless We ALL Do Something!” and that could not be more true.  In Nazi Germany, they came for the mentally ill and no one said anything.  Then, they came for the disabled and the people with down syndrome and no one said anything.  Then, they came for the… you know the rest. 

We must stand with our fellow HUMANS for free speech.  There is nothing more important than the ability to speak freely in a civil society.  Have we lost that ability?

Has the media and the fake news riled up civilization to such a frenzy that we cannot come together on the right to speak our minds?

Once you start labeling someone an idiot or a racist or both for something they believe in that you do not, you are limiting your own ability to grow and learn.  Even if you don't agree with someone, you can respect their right to express their point of view.

When Amazon Web Services canceled Parler's hosting it was a blow that silenced the already silenced.  A lot more attention was put on the level of censorship there is on the social networks and big tech. Conservatives took to action and now, free speech networks are being built by a lot of different people. 

Many Liberals, on the other hand, cheered for the banning of free speech.  “Yay, the liars are being kicked off social media – that proves we are right.” 

All it proves is you are afraid of the conversation.  Just like the judges who would not look at the evidence in a fraudulent election for President of the united States of America. You don't want to hear people who believe differently from you because your view of the world is naive. 

Don't you know, they'll be coming for you next?

I have compiled a list of several hundred free speech social networks, video hosting, forums, websites and blogs. ThisiswhereIstand is working on a directory of sorts where we can add sites that are friendly to free speech.  We don't want a one sided argument either.  We don't want an echo chamber with no differing opinions.  We want free thought, free speech and freedom to exchange ideas without fear of hate spewed comments and cancel culture.

Put “Send me the list” in the content section if you want the list of websites we have compiled to date.  If you have a website to add, send it to me.

From the Video by HighImpactTV:

This Nonsense Will Not Stop Unless We ALL Do Something!

“The reason people want to censor others is because they are fearful. Fearful of being seen as bad for letting free thought flourish. Fear of being challenged, fear of losing control. Fear of being cut off from funding and really fear of people exercising their own independence.”

“If you are not free to think and express your thoughts you're not really free.  Freedom has a price. It's eternal vigilance and indifference to this notion is the means to which the people will and have secured their own oppression.”

“Today, truth is the new hate speech.  The plan is to eliminate truth today and eliminate YOU tomorrow because the elites can't tolerate the truth getting out there and spoiling their plans.”

“Who would have thought that we live in a day and age when pedophiles, perverts and murderers would be protected and not just protected but hailed as virtuous. And that's what that censored video was all about…  They are calling it hate speech because I called out pedophiles and was calling for the protection of little kids that were being led down the path of destruction.”

“Welcome to High Impact TV”

The link to the video that got HighImpactTV banned from Youtube for a 3rd time is hosted on BitChute

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