Patriots are urged to stay off the streets and away from State Capitols — False Flag events intended to discredit patriots are known to be planned. Donald Trump has asked for NON-VIOLENCE.  We join him in that request.

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This Is Where I Stand

Fireworks White House

2-4-2021 Krushchev's Prediction

I pray for this country, for the good guys, for our true President, President Trump, for the military and for the upcoming upheaval.  I pray for the people who don't know what's coming because I believe they

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pressed for truth

Banned Youtube – moving to Odysee

Dan starts off talking about getting censored by Youtube when he had over 272k subscribers.  His YT channel has been restored but he lost at least 9,000 subscribers and he cannot post videos until February 11th.  At

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situation report

2-1-2021 Situation Update with Mike Adams

The fraud is becoming more evident.  White-hat traders first made short sellers on GameStop and now they are squeezing the silver market.  The entire market could collapse. Texas is taking active steps to prepare for succession. The

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Truth Is the New Hate Speech

Truly free people are not afraid of free speech.  This video was made Nov. 29, 2018.  Censorship on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have been going on a long time. Mike Adams of NaturalNews was dissapeared off

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