Brian of Triumph News talks about censorship on the social networks, and a very important message: in the coming days, we will not know what is happening.  We are at war. We cannot know the plan because if we did, the enemy would know how to defeat us.  Have faith in the plan. Have faith in God. 

Have Faith

Posts in Facebook are being shadow-banned.  Posts are not getting as many views, likes & shares as they used to.

Mewe, Telegram, Gab are all options for conservatives to speak freely.

Share this video and others with people you know who are afraid. 

Faith overcomes fear.

You and I are not going to know everything that is going on before it happens.  If we did, the enemy would know also.

We are at war right now. It’s a mental, emotional and information war.  It’s good vs. evil, and there are some that don’t even know they are on the wrong side. Bless their hearts.

Be mentally tough. Have patience.

Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10
Stop counting on people to tell you what is going to happen before it happens.
We do not know for certain God’s will.
Here’s what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
1. Stay close to and strong in the Lord.  He is your only hope for peace and calm. 
2. Admit that you are a sinner. Give it up to the Lord.
3. Accept the Lord into your heart and have faith in Him. 

Am I confident that Donald Trump will be president?  Yes.  100% confident. 

My peace is in Jesus, not in Donald Trump.

Trust in God’s plan. We don’t have to know every step.

Walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

As it is written, the righteous shall live by faith. Romans 1:17

Trust.  Stop letting the enemy get the best of you.

Receive this message in love.

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