Fear, Intimidation and Harassment

This video is was recorded January 12th, 2021.  There was a protest in Olympia, WA – outside the capitol building. 

This is commentary about the 2 arrests of peaceful protesters that day, the story behind what is being reported on the news.

Notes, quotes and partial transcript with commentary below the video.

Questionable Authority

The document in the image to the left can be read in full here.

This podcast starts out talking about this document.  It is a statement from Governor Inslee of Washington and it says, “As legislators begin their work on behalf of the people of the state of Washington, we must do whatever we can to ensure that they can do that work without fear, intimidation or harassment. The actions we saw in both Washington, D.C. and Olympia earlier this week were completely unacceptable and will not be repeated in our state capital again.”

That's awfully nice of him to protect the legistators but what about the rest of us?

Does anybody else do their work without fear, intimidation or harassment? If we don’t behave the way the state wants us to we can be arrested for victimless crimes.

All of us who don’t work for the state live in fear, intimidation and harassment every day.

That’s because the state exists. If we do not do what the state wants they will take our money, our property and come after us.  So, we are under constant fear, imtimidation and harassment.

We gotta make sure the ruling class doesn’t have to work under those conditions but the rest of you all peasants that actually work for a living and produce – you are going to have to live under fear, intimidation and harassment.

Trying to get off of YouTube. 23.6K followers so still posting until account is deleted.

Posting video to other platforms first.

2 arrests were made in Olympia

To protect Washingtonians, legislatures, their staff and…. what really happened below.  Was it really to protect? 



youtube channel

KHQ – local to Spokane news media matches WAstatepatrol tweet.

“One arrest has been made at the Capitol Campus today.  A female driver used an RV to block a roadway and refused to comply with orders and was taken into custody. This situation created a security concern and was dealt with appropriately.”

Who created the security concern?  There were fences and unjust force keeping people out of an area that is usually free to use publicly – (but not for conservative protests)

1:13 Keeping the press safe – a vital service to the public like you do.  (laughable)

2:43 – Darren Wright

“Today we have made one arrest, an RV pulled up to one of the gates, refused to move the vehicle, continued to block the roadway, all the subjects in the vehicle were given the oportunity to leave. Several chose to do so.  One female, the driver of the vehicle refused to comply and was arrested as a result. …  We will complete this mission.” 

What mission? Sounds like war talk. Who are they at war with?  The people?

Real story on the person who was arrested for not moving her RV

Talked to someone who was there.

She was not blocking the road.  Officers told her the parking was closed because they wanted the parking lot to be open for emergency vehicles.  The RV was in public parking but they wanted her to move for their own vehicles.  They harassed her and arrested her.  The other 2 people with her were harassed and cited for not complying but they did not take them into jail.

We must do whatever we can to make sure they can do their work without fear, imtimidation or harassment.   These people were harassed for parking their RV in public parking that our tax dollars pay for.  Stolen money.

They arrested this man with the black hat.  He decided he had enough and was going to cross the line the police had drawn.  He announced he was unarmed and going to cross the line.

They grabbed an unarmed man with waves and waves of police force

They take lots of money from us and pay these policy makers who take us out.

They want us to plead to our masters to live free. 

I am going to live my life, not hurt anyone, and they are the ones using unjust force

2nd arrest

30 year old male voluntarily chose to move into the restricted area when the legislature started this morning around 11:00 am.  He was taken into custody without incidence.

Why do they think they are in the right for putting their hands on someone for crossing a line? 15-20 soldiers jumped this man.  That is excessive force.

They are on PUBLIC property.  We pay taxes.


police force

There is a video showed in the podcast – I can't find the video anywhere.  If anyone knows were to find it please share in the comments.

Playing video from the WA state capitol – keeping people out of their own session.   Keeping people from joining in the people’s house — there are oppressive laws being passed today on gun laws, increasing business taxes, severe increases in income tax.

America – what have you done?  Don’t keep us out of our own building.

Fences to keep people off public property.  The capitols where lawmakers make laws – people are kept out of their own legislative session.

jason krug
Darla's website – her son is Jason Krug

Darla – on the phone

Vaccines – down syndrome immune system can’t handle the vaccine.  Looking for medical exemption for down syndrome.

Congenital immune system disorder should not get MMR – cannot go to school without it.

(Fighting for her son’s rights)

Gated off the entire capitol building in Washington State – Olympia

Senator Fortunato – great man – passionate about freedom and choice

The first thing that Hitler did is get rid of the elderly and the disabled.

This is history repeated.  Hitler used doctors and nurses to do his dirty work.


Caring corrupted

(Cizik School of Nursing) A REMI Platinum Award-winning documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust and abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich, casts a harsh light on nurses who used their professional skills to murder the handicapped, mentally ill and infirm at the behest of the Third Reich and directly participated in genocide.

If we don't learn from history, we are bound to repeat it. 

Do not stand by and let today's government, insurance agencies, doctors and nurses experiment on people and stray from their oath to do no harm.

MRNA is not a vaccine – it is an injection.

The virus has not been isolated.

David Novak protest coming up – filed charges against the city, the mayor and more for the death of their son

I will not comply!

The text in this blog is based on the video by Questionable Authority. 

Questionable Authority is a small group of citizen journalists. We believe in freedom and liberty! We do not support government! A system designed to give authority of a few over the rest of society is not something we can support. Only when people take personal responsibility for their own lives and actions are we truly free. It's time to release ourselves of this reliance on a face entity that does nothing but enrich its corporate overlords no matter who stands in front of the podium to represent us as the people.

To find out more about Questionable Authority, how to connect with them and how to support them financially, visit this page I haven't made yet.

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