Dan starts off talking about getting censored by Youtube when he had over 272k subscribers.  His YT channel has been restored but he lost at least 9,000 subscribers and he cannot post videos until February 11th.  At least he was able to save all his videos and back them up on another public server.

The last couple of days I have been hearing a lot about Odysee – this is the first video I have watched there.  It embeds well in WordPress – so worth a try if you are looking for YouTube alternatives.

lbry and Odysee are built on blockchain – and Dan can earn crypto on Odysee. 42,000 lbry credits.  At ten cents each – that $4,200 U.S that can be traded for other crypto-currency. Testing out live and chat on Odysee.  It seems that Odysee and lbry are interchangeable?  Might be the same thing? Earning lbry credits by posting, sharing & commenting. Talking about market manipulation with Blackberry and Gamestop – the manipulators are trying to rig the game against the little guy. This “Live” is BETA testing only – not available for everyone yet.
lockdown australia
Two Million Lockdown in Australia after ONE case!

A simple Internet search (use DuckDuckGo not Google) will pull up many versions of this story.  One case in Australia and they are putting 2 million Australians under lockdown orders.

Canada is forcing people to pay for hotel rooms to quarantine while waiting for faulty PCR test results.  Canada is running on 40 cycles — way too high and getting way too many false positives.

“Irregular” crossing over by illegal immigrants are getting a free stay while Canadian residents have to pay for the stay themselves.  Estimated cost for 3 day stay is $2,000 Canadian dollars.

Some people think that this is just a tax on vacationers seeking warmer weather.  Some Canadians are out of the country for expensive health care that is not available in Canada because of centralized government “health care” Many people with legitimate reasons to travel will have to pay the extra $2K.

Thisiswhereistand.com took notes while watching this video. This is not a transcript.

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