The Marshall Report as read by the Zolna Report

I urge you to read The Marshall Report for yourself.  In this video, Gabe reads from this page:
Trump, Ode to a Corporation dated 1-20-2021

Gabor (Gabe) Ugron is the man behind the Zolna Report.  You can learn more about him on his website.

Here is an excerpt from his “About” page:

  • In January 2013 I started posting videos on YouTube. By August 2017 I had posted over 18,200+ videos with a total of 31,000+ subscribers, and an additional 40,000+ viewers. Since most of my videos were conservative and Google/YouTube is a far left-wing Liberal institution—as is Facebook—the YouTube Team removed all of my videos after having given me three unwarranted strikes.

I found ZolnaReport on Brighteon – which is an alternative site to YouTube built by Mike Adams of NaturalNews when he was banned by YouTube for his conservative views.


As of 1/21/2021 the Zolna Report has 8,748 videos on Brighteon in just over 3 years of posting.


Thank you for the information you provide, Gabor!  We appreciate you!



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