took notes while watching this video. This is not an exact transcript.

What went wrong and what are the good guys going to do about it?


There are quite a few people out there who are angry and blaming messengers (Simon, Robert David Steele, Charlie Ward and others) who spoke well of President Trump.  We pass on information.  Much of which is accurate. Things are changing by the minute. They/we are not deliberately misleading people.  (The timeline has changed.  The destination is the same.)


Ivanka Trump put some very interesting messages out on telegram or twitter (research) saying it is not over at all.


On the 19th, I (Simon) had a regular call with the British coordinators, UK coordinators — that's Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. During that conversation, one of my coordinators said what can you share that has not been shared generally with your podcast.  What possibly could go wrong? (10-12 coordinators on this call)

The only issues I had – some years ago, a connection with Israel produced some small, low yield, nuclear devices.  Small enough to go into a briefcase. Not a suitcase but a briefcase. They are called a dirty bomb.  Low yield, dirty bomb.  The good guys thought they were all accounted for.  On the 19th, just a few hours before this call, the issue had come up that maybe one of them was not accounted for.


The other thing they have been concerned about is a nuclear charge on the east coast.  Lots of people, clairvoyant and other intel see the east coast inundated with water.  One of the fears is that if a nuclear explosion went off it could take a lot of the coastline away.


Mentions ukrainian sub and US sub briefly


This was about the small briefcase, dirtybomb that just came to light a few hours before that they were not all accounted for.


The plan was: to have 26,000 national guard, to have fencing around the whole thing, to put marines into the underground tunnels that absolutely criss cross that building and connect to other buildings and seal that all off and what was expected was to arrest the whole lot.  They've got them all in one place and that is why they were going to do it.


That's why they had the troops, the fencing and the tents ready. Those tents were ready to process people.  They weren't for the press. They were to process people.  Sort them out.  Senators, congresspeople, etc. etc.


But it never happened.


I had this phone call between 1am and 2am UK time – kept me quite busy early hours. The exact wording was, “something went wrong.”  They weren't going to tell me what it was, not over an open line so I am not holding anything back from you. Something absolutely went wrong.


Screenshot at 4pm 1/21/21 – 23 hours prior would be 5pm 1/20 — 1,384 days tweet is curious (tweeted @ 10am 1/21)

Somebody said Mike Pompeo tweeted “Well, I didn't expect that.


There has been some shock and surprise. Something went wrong with the plan.


Whether it was this info about the dirty bomb – I don't know.  This cabal is crazy enough to do something like this.  Whatever it was that went wrong, it was big enough to pull the whole operation.


If you look carefully at the inauguration, some of it is genuine outside footage and some of it is pre-recorded. To the ordinary person, they did not see the problem.  Ever since the death of JFK, they have tried to cover what they are up to. Goes into some history of Cuba, bay of pigs, throwing Castro out of power, etc. they were going to project mother Mary and tell people to rise against Castro. JFK recalled them. 


We had this early capability in '61, '62. Then in the murder of JFK they did that without technology.  Then plenty of other things like 9/11 where a whole drama is created, some of it in the studio, some of it in reality.


The good guys were aware that there was a plan by the bad guys to pre-record stuff.

That wouldn't be a reason they would pull their operation. Even if people were in 2 locations, they had enough to deal with that.  Something enormously big happened to derail their whole program.


That's all I know and all they will tell me until I can physically meet with somebody.


What happens now?


Good guys are annoyed, frustrated and NOT down-beat.  They are going to give it another attempt to remove Biden.  It has to all be done by March 4th.  Another person said mid April.


One of the things Trump did before he left, a great deal of information was declassified for the states.   A lot of people who were not standing with Trump before this intel was released, they've been sent this info.  Two states now at senior level looking to declassify the result.


The great base of Trump supporters have been heard and the states are listening and starting a process of declassifying and turning their stance around.


800 senior officers from the rank of Colonel down to General who are absolutely standing with Trump.  In effect we now have two governments in Washington DC.  We have the office holder who can sign into law civilian matters, things to do with world affairs.  But, you have a military government now and that is in the MSM.  Biden asked for intel about the sail of the F-35 fighter to Saudi Arabia and the Pentagon said we are not giving that to you. That's unheard of.


Biden has been told that he is not allowed to step foot in the Pentagon.  Biden has requested other intel from the Pentagon regarding security and they have refused his request for intel.


There are two people running the military operations.  FEMA Pete Gaynor acting Secretary of Defense.











Pete Gaynor
Pete Gaynor
christopher miller
Christopher Miller

It doesn't matter if Biden strips them of the official federal title. They are still going to run the show. 800 generals have sworn they will answer to these 2.  These 2 report to Trump. That is why in his leaving speach, Trump said, “I will be back in some form or another.”


What we believe is he will be back as the 19th president.  Ulysses S. Grant was the last president before it became corporate America. So, we believe he will come back as the 19th president and probably set himself up in Texas while DC is completely bulldozed down.


Then we need to bring this financial reset in which is absolutely real.  You can't bring the financial reset in until Trump is in.


When the Twin Towers came down and they really did come down that wasn't CGI they did come down.  There was always a big cover for the gold that was shipped out by the Bushes, Cheney and Rumsfeld- I think it was building 9

It's not widely known – That gold that was shifted out was to bring on the new financial world. The very financial reset JFK was set to do away the Federal Reserve and have it all based back on the gold standard so they killed him.


So we move along to 9/11 – that gold that was sitting there in the CIA or the FBI vault that was ready to mve the US to the gold standard regardless of what Bush wanted.  The part of the Pentagon that was hit was the naval aspect.  This was where the documents regarding the gold were held. The Navy, of all of the services, has been the one that has been the most closest to the people.


The Army is now very close, they have moved across.  I don't know much about the Air Force. I don't have much contact with them.


The reason for stopping Trump was not because he wanted to Make America Great Again.  It was not because he wanted to build a wall across Mexico, all of these aside.  The whole energy to stop trump, the Russian hoax, the impeachment, everything was because he was going to put America back on the gold standard.


So, when I or others talk about the plan, we weren't trying to deceive you or trick you or have a laugh at your expense, we do it because it's the truth.  This is the plan.


What's happened is the bad guys somehow managed have some unseen element that tripped up the good guys.


Super – AI computer (that plots out military outcomes much like the one in War Games – movie with Matthew Broderick) 

China has one, good guys and bad guys have a computer that can give likely outcomes. The good guys have a jump over the bad guys and we have seen that over the last four years.


What we have is a situation where the whitehats miscalculated? possibly. But more likely, didn't account for something and when the bad guys said we have this – whatever this was- it was of such magnitude that they had to pull it.


The good guys are regrouping and the new goal is to have Biden out in the first financial quarter of the year.


34 qua-trillion of gold and assets have been taken from the Vatican by Trump as part of a deal with the government of Italy. The Italian government to save it's skin because the Italians were complicit in hiding the fact that 3/4 of the American people voted for Trump and this has all been a complete steal.  The Italians were absolutely involved in it because they did not want to go back to a gold standard, becase they were being pressured by the cabal.  There was evidence that would have put all of the Italian government on the block. So the deal was the Italian gave money that the Vatican was holding in order to not bring that to public light. 


Charlie says its 12-15 plane loads – in gold, paper money and artifacts. Could be art, stolen, priceless , from the Vatican library?



What we have right now is 2 governments. The US military and the office holder -Biden.  Why is the military taking this stance? They are following the Constitution.


If someone comes into office illegally then the military are not obliged to follow the Constitution and follow orders of that person.  That person is not their commander in chief. 


Joe, you know I wonThat letter is not a fake. It was sent to me at 5pm UK time with a note, do not publish until 6pm.


Trump could have written a whole load of things but he decided to say, “Joe, you know I won” and it's going to come back to bite him.


It is known throughout government that Trump won.  You are going to see world leaders embarrassed to be seen with Biden.  You are going to see 3/4 of the American people ignore Biden.  Did you know that the white house pulled a video of Biden and the cabal  because so few people watched it and the dislikes were so high.  Did you know that when Biden was in the cabal parade all of the soldiers turned their back on Biden?  He does not have control of the military and he wont try to do what Obama did.  Obama sacked loads of generals.  Biden's a fool if he does. He'll start not a civil war but a military coup. because he is an unlawful office holder.  I think Biden's hands are quite tied.


  1. One person said done by March 4th
  2. Another person said mid April


Certainly must be done by the end of the first quarter because they want to get the new money system going. 


In the new money system, what you have in the bank and paper money will remain what you have. Like for like, so if you have $100 it is still $100.


Nobody that I spoke to was downbeat.  They were angry.  Frustrated. But they believe the decision that was made not to take everyone out was the right decision. They believe the threat was credible.


So , they are just going to the next plan.


I always thought there were 5,000 people working on Team Trump across the world. Charlie Ward said he thinks its about 8,000.  I can tell you that whether it is 5,000 or 8,000 those people did not wake up this morning crying.  They woke up this morning saying, how are we going to work this.  There is too much of a momentum.  It is too embedded.  And if 3/4 of the American people voted for Trump then there is a solid base for truth and justice.

Remember, we are not dealing with gangsters. We are dealing with satanic cabal gangsters.


People who even in the gangsters of old, there was a code of conduct. These lot don't have any code at all.


It's not a straight forward fight. Whatever threw this plan off is they threatened the people of America.


Trump had to take the hit and regroup.


The media were wrong. Trump stayed in DC and went on to Florida later in the day where he is now. He is still involved in the plan. He is not going back to civilian life.


All of us who are good want this concluded to get on with life, we've all been living on our nerves. This is the biggest deal of our lives and it didn't happen. Do you think these people are going to give up? They are going to redo it.


They will never have the opportunity where all these people are in one building like they were on 1/20 – they will have to go to different locations to gather them all up.


The message is — its a setback but the towel has not been thrown in.


We can't go back. The office holder is not as strong as Clinton or Obama.


The people at the ceremony 1/20 looked uncomfortable. They know they barely made it and they know they stole it. There is a war and this war is not ending. They say that the blast explosion in DC was a gas explosion as they quietly swept the Nashville explosion under a rug. There are going to be more issues that will come up. This is a war that will not go away. It won't go away until the office holder is out.


I think that the history of DC is so bad that when Trump comes back and I absolutely believe he will, he's not going to go and sit there again. I think the whole feel of that place is so bad that he will go somewhere else. Historically, it should be Texas.


DC is all made out in a satanic grid and needs to be taken down with a wrecking ball.


It's not over. It's a continuation. We all wanted it over because we are exhausted. Where do we go? We can't go back. We can only go forward. took notes while watching this video. This is not an exact transcript.

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