1-21-2021 Calm Down

– Joe Biden is Not Our President

Joe Biden is president of a fake government. The Corporation of the United States of America which was illegally formed in 1871 is defunct.

Byden is sitting in a fake Whitehouse, possibly at Mount Vernon.

The in-non-uration was a big show and non-binding.

The capitol will be moved from DC to somewhere else because of satanic connections
Pentagon not finishing JB briefings

Trump has nuclear codes

US military won't let JB take the wall down

During McCarthy – beginning of cold war. Concerned congress would take over the country. Nazis and communists had already infiltrated the government. Military code 11.3 was written which says when the U.S. is taken over by a hostile government, the military takes over. 75% of the National Guard turned their backs on the JB procession.

They did not pick him up with a military plane, he had to take a private plane into DC

Trump is retired from the head of the corporation and head of the United States as the Constitution of 1776 allows.

All the EO s Trump signed are real

JB is signing legal EOS

Kamala – clutch

JB ANKH (out of ancient Egypt. In their hieroglyphic system of writing the ankh represents the concept of eternal life. ~thanks Joe for writing in with this link to more info on the ankh)

No flag on the WH or black flag

Blank paper – and look out the windows

they don't think we are smart enough to notice these details

JB is not even trying to get in the pentagon.  They won't let him in.

The military is united and standing against JB and his fake government.

The good guys have to do it by the book. Every step is in the Constitution and done for the people.

Collection agency out of Delaware IRS – violation of the constitution

JB and company are in there committing crimes and violating the law.
They can be arrested and charged with sedition and treason, watching them commit more crimes.

Trump won 49 out of 50 states.

Server shut down because it could not handle the switching of votes. That's why the counting had to stop.

President of Italy arrested.
Bank accounts are frozen.

Countries are being warned they have to turn over information.

Gina Haspel has been arrested


China has been sending military equipment/hardware from China – the military grabbed it.  It was sent to Costco in Denver?
Missiles at Costco?

We are in DefCon2 – continuity of government
You cannot transfer power during DefCon2

CCP has admitted that the bottom of a dam has moved – warning them we can take out dams – rod of god in Canada Chinese blew up F16 and picked up by Navy Seals – pilot did not die. Fake reporting by MSM

Warned China troops in Mexico – taking troops out
Tibet to China route – taking that out

The military of the US is moving and warning China
China is trying to take over our country
Hunter took bribes from Ukraine and China
JB was installed by China. He is the president of “Costco”

Some of them still think they are in control
The head of the cabal recognizes they have lost.  Lord matria?  Title of the office that is the highest head of the cabal.

22 months to keep all the paperwork for lawsuit on the voting is going through tomorrow 1-22-21

We have to something about the corrupt Justice Roberts – most corrupt ever

  • Discussed replacing Justice Scalia before he died
  • Adopted 2 children illegally from wales
  • discussing Trump will never get in
  • Epstein Island
  • Fema oversees
  • voted for obamacare

It's not going to happen overnight

Plan comes from God and the alliance carries out the plan

Heard Trump was secretly sworn in January 11th.

Wait and see how it flushes out

Nasara has been initiated by General Hayden – head of pentagon
Pete Gaynor – head of FEMA
Chris Miller – head of NSA

Are they doing arrests now?

That's what I have heard

Wait and see.

Emergency Broadcasting System will be used at some point

Under Nasara – Voting will be very secure. Takes 120 days (from Jan 11th or Jan20) would put an election out to May? Have a new election

The states were turned into franchises under this corporation. There will be all new elections. The states were for America not of America.

Trump should be back by March 4th. People don't want to wait. It depends on a lot.

What happened to the declassification? It was done the day before he retired from the corporation. Go look. Free Energy | Obamagate

Did another show with Rick?

Show earlier – Nancy Pelosi getting detained and she says on video, “don't say anything, don't say anything”

We need to turn our souls over – in a speech

They know that they are not in control but they are keeping up a facade. They think they can still do something.

They will not go down without taking us down with them. Many of the kill switches were taken out by Trump.

Roseann loves Gene

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