Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by Steve Bannon on the War Room.

He said he was going to be doing a podcast at 6pm on 1/20/2021.


America UNDER BIDEN | Ep. 104


This is going to focus on major changes and mostly on foreign policy in this episode. He's planning another episode on domestic policy.


Trump's view of policy was America First. All foreign policies were examined under what is good for America, then what is best for all. And he granted to other countries the same thing. We know you want the best for your country. Particular focus to help the American workers who have been robbed of jobs and good jobs for years with bad policy.


Will Biden put America first? Second? Third?


In a debate John Kerry and George Bush. John Kerry was asked what he would do if America was attacked. His answer was he would call up our allies and seek their advice, then I would speak with my cabinet, the United Nations — in other words the attack would happen because he could not make his own decision.


Other great presidents like Lincoln, JFK and Reagan would have said they would figure out what was best for America. They could make their own decisions and that's what presidents need to do.


So, it's a different view of American policy with Biden. One that could lose sight of America and American jobs. Sometimes with the theory of getting lower priced items in the US and that will help the economy but for the lower priced items we are losing 2 million jobs. We lose that from our tax base and that causes suffering for families in America.


You can go right from upstate New York across the midwest and I can show you industries and areas destroyed by Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton and some Republicans.


The Trump approach under Peter Navaro was very different. It was, I am going to analyze this deal from the viewpoint of America. If it helps America we do it if it doesn't we don't do it.


And the basic core of it is — the democrats define trade as “free trade” Where free trade means China has a 35% tariff on our goods coming in but we have no tariff on their goods coming to our country. That is free trade for China and costly trade for America. That is unfair trade.


Pretty soon we have no steel country, we have no fracking, we lose industries and jobs.


Stupid Climate Change Policy

Hysterical – acting as if the world is going to end in 10 years. Al Gore said the world would end in 2010. What a scam. He made millions off that.


How much do humans contribute to climate change? Very little.

This is a scientific problem, an intellectual problem, how do we adapt, how do we clean our emissions, save the planet without taxing people to death.


They treat climate change like a religion. It shouldn't be approached hysterically.


This was a mistake with the pandemic and it would be a mistake with climate change.


They want to eliminate oil, coal, gas which would bring our world to a halt.


China and India put out 10x the emissions we do. It's the same climate and they are not changing their emissions. But we are going to put a burden on our citizens.


This is political theater. Stupid political solution. Not a good one. for cigars – click activate for a discount


Trade with China

Over the years China had the most favorable trade deals. These deals started under Clinton, continued with Bush and got super-charged under Obama.


Democrats call Chairman Xi president. His title, translated to English means chairman. The democrats say president to fool people into believing this is a democratic country. Chair says what he really is. The head of the CCP – the head of the communist party – only 90 million of the 3-4 billion Chinese are communists.


There are many wealthy Chinese that live in luxury and they are a dictatorship. They decide how many children you can have. They kill women and children, force sterilize. They have people in captivity.


They released the CCP virus. Trump was the first to shut down travel due to the virus and Joe Biden was the first to criticize that action.


A lot of those trade deals were made under Joe Biden while his son was a partner with the Bank of China. As soon as a year ago, Joe Biden himself was signed up as a partner with 2 members of the Chinese Communist Party. One of the major spies and one of the main Intelligence figures. The Biden family has gotten millions over the years from the CCP.


Their ability to stand up to China? I don't know. I see the trade deals getting worse. I see the military expansion unchecked under the theory that China is not a threat to us as Biden has already said. And even worse, the economic warfare getting worse. They own a lot of America. They own a lot of American public opinion because of the greed of American corporations.


China expects to pass us in 2040.


23 minutes
Biden can be blackmailed by China and Ukraine.


Biden was in on the Iran deal. A billion or more in cash was delivered to Iran.


Much more detail in this video. Biden's America could be very bad.


I'm worried that this video only has 861 views on Rumble.


Rudy has been kicked off YouTube with these videos.


This is important information that most people don't know about what could happen to our country in Joe Biden's America. took notes while watching this video. This is not an exact transcript. When something is (in parenthesis) it is something that was not said and was added by us.

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