I was having a hard time after the in-NON-guration on January 20th.  I was expecting the Emergency Broadcast System to start at 8 am and I was not expecting to see a JB ceremony on TV. All the usual criminals were there. I was thinking, it's just like rats on a ship. Surely, the military will be locking them in and making arrests. It didn't happen. I was searching for answers.
  1. How could God let this happen?
  2. How could Trump quit?
None of it made sense. I found Eman WacaGator. An unlikely beacon of light in the darknesss. Thank you Eman. This video that you put out helped me get out of my funk. He says in the video – the time is 19:32 — that's 7:32. That's how long it took me to get over the events in DC.

Thisiswhereistand.com took notes while watching this video. This is not an exact transcript.

On television today, January 20th, 2021

  1. Donald Trump left for Florida
  2. JB was sworn in “virtually”

And a lot of people are wondering what just happened. 


No apologies to naysayers or quitters.

Quitters have never won.


I find it odd — After November 3rd some people gave up even though we know he won. Some people are giving up now.


I said last night and I'll say it again, I think he won 49 states.


Not a Republican, the democrats and the republicans are in cahoots.  Republicans are a tiny bit better than democrats because they are not yet voting for killing babies after they are born.  They are still terrible.  Both parties are awful.


Justice is coming.

  • For the media
  • For the Vatican


God is still in control


If you are not up, you are getting up. – a pastor said this and it stuck.


It doesn't matter who is against me as long as HE is for me.


I don't like what happened (on TV)

I don't understand what happened


Many people put their trust in men.  Put your trust in God.


I'm not a prophet.  I'm not a preacher.

I am a watchman.


Caution people of mocking prophets and claiming they were wrong.  Kim Clement said there would be 2 presidents and no one understood or explained that prophecy.


God did speak to me and say that Trump would be a 2 term president.  He did tell me that.  He said that he would win in 2020.  And he did. 


God can't lie or change.  He is perfect.


We can change and grow because of Him.


Dark times have come in 2020.  Not because of our president it's through the circumstances the Deep State and CCP have put upon our country,.


Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess – to God.


Isaiah 41:10 says Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t tremble with fear. I am your God. I will make you strong, as I protect you with my arm and give you victories.  (CEV)


So, the non-believer, the quitter, the naysayer would say – what victory did you g et today?


My victory is, I got stronger with God.  I have had a relationship with God today.


I was very uncomfortable yesterday.  I was gearing up for 1/20 and did not know why. I have not given up.  I believe in God.  I believe that when God does something it will be so huge that the whole world will know and see that he is God.


There are many great countries and I appreciate prayers, thoughts and comments on my channel.


I don't understand quitters.


I don't compromise with evil.


That doesn't mean I am perfect, I make mistakes.  I am willing to own my mistakes. Usually, naysayers and quitters — you never hear from them.


One thing I can tell you they will never bring anything but doom and gloom.


I am not a doom and gloom guy.  I am not here to give news that is inaccurate.  I will never do that.


I have said that I thought the inauguration would go through.  I have not given up.


Why so many military troops up there – national guard?


If someone was so popular and got the votes no other president got – why does he not have a crowd.


We don't have all the intel – President Trump did.


I don't think it's over.


President Trump said the “best is yet to come” and “be back soon” or something like that – don't quote me on that.


I am a President Trump supporter and I have no apologies. I have no apologies for not quitting. He did not quit on us.


Is something going to happen?  I don't know. 


Be careful who you watch. Some are false prophets. Read the Bible


When people are giving you timetables – this will happen at this time and date.  Use your discernment.  Don't believe everyone. 


Matthew 11:28-30  If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest.  Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest. This yoke is easy to bear, and this burden is light.


We have some burdens.


If you have bad thoughts, I say, look to God for encouragement. I have had people say, “I wish I would go to sleep and never wake up.”  I pray for you.


If the 46 stays in office or he does not, you still have God.   That's a good thing.


Trust in Him.  Not Man.  Even though I did trust Trump.  Still do.


Some say Trump worked a deal and he is turned against the American people.  I don't believe this.


Is there another story?  I don't know.  Has America been dissolved as a corporation?  I don't know.


I have to be careful about what I say – I am just generating thought.


I find it funny that so called patriots start bickering among each other.  To say I am wrong or other people were wrong is fine.  Do not persecute people for speaking

Trust God.  We don't have the answers but he does.


Be really careful.  Research what I say (and what anyone says) .  It's okay to disagree with me.   That's America.  When you start calling me names?  That's not okay.


Nerver mistake my meakness for weakness.


I do try to stay as humble as I can.  Any things  have said negative toward anyone, I apologize. I think some owe me apologies that will not happen.


Philippians 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.  Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel.


There are hard times coming. I am telling you that right now. Joy is in the morning.  Trust God.  Don't trust man, don't trust me.  Let's see what happens.


I'm not willing to concede.  We won.


That's the thing.  We won November 3rd and I still believe we will win again.


That's my opinion.  That is not from God.  I am not willing to give up until I seen no hope in this issue.  I still have hope. 


Thank you.  God bless you.  Go Trump.  Thank you to all the countries that are praying for us. God Bless the United States of America.

Thisiswhereistand.com took notes while watching this video. This is not an exact transcript.

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